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Village of Turtle Lake

“The Village with a Vision of the Future”


James I. Braastad, Village President (1998)

Excerpted from A Tribute to the Time, the 1998 Village of Turtle Lake Centennial Book

“In February 1995, I established a committee of the Village Board to begin working on the revitalization of the historical “Main Street” business district. My underlying purpose was to begin the preparations for the Village’s upcoming 100th year anniversary. What better place to begin than that of the Village from which everything grew?

In April of 1996, the “Main Street Committee” decided to broaden its base and recruited interested people to start making plans and preparations for the Village’s 1998 Centennial Year Celebration. Thus, the “Centennial Committee” was formed. Start-up funding was provided by the Village Board and the Turtle Lake Lioness Club. With a core group of excited and energized people, the ideas began to flow! In a matter of a few months, the members of the Centennial Committee realized there were many things they hoped to accomplish, things that reached far beyond the 1998 Centennial Year Celebration. It was then decided to create a non-profit organization and the “Greater Turtle Lake Area Association, Inc.” was officially formed.”

IMG_2357The Greater Turtle Lake Area Association’s purpose continues today: “To promote the general social welfare of the community, to prevent community deterioration, and to promote community development by attempting to attract new residents and businesses to the area; to preserve and encourage a sense of community and identity by conducting events and encourage participation by all citizens in the area; to erect and maintain public buildings, monuments, or works; to conduct events which promote and preserve area history and heritage; and to lessen the burdens of government with regard to all of the foregoing matters.” 

We welcome you to join us in this community spirit and help keep Turtle Lake and the surrounding area vibrant and healthy for years to come.


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